Juli my understanding is yes we must report the entire report to comply
with GASB 34. If the town doesn't feel the GASB requirements are
necessary then the report can be reduced by not including the
information after the foot notes. I am sure there are about 246
different way it is being done.

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Hi from Huntington-

Our auditors are getting ready with the Town Report, and wanted to not
publish the entire school and town financial audits (each are 30+ pages)

 24 VSA 1683 states:  "The report shall show a detailed statement of the
financial condition of such town and school district for their fiscal
year, a classified summary of receipts and expenditures, a list of all
outstanding orders and payables more than thirty days past due, and show
deficit, if any  pursuant to section 1523 of this title, and such other
information as the municipality shall direct."

Does this mean we must publish the audits in their entirety?

thanks in advance for all assistance