Thanks for the heads up.  I have just downloaded the legislation and will be forwarding my comments.

Donna Kelty
Barre Town Clerk-Treasurer
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I would love to talk to clerks who have concerns about same day
voter registration - or any other of the office's legislative
proposal (which you will be able to  view on our Elections
website later today.)

The office's legislative proposals were developed with input
from many clerks around the state (the office has a clerk's
advisory committee which includes clerks from large and small
communites all around the state).  The growing feeling is that
same day registration will let us address election day problems
with motor voter law.  The feeling is that same day registration
will allow clerks to skip the time consuming and upsetting
problems that occur when voters come to the polls and find that
their name is not on the checklist.

Because we will have in place a statewide voter checklist there
will no longer  be a real risk of voter fraud because a person who
registers and votes in two places will be caught -- and it is a
felony offense!  (Remember - right now a person could be
voting in more than one place and we would never know it!)

What is contemplated is that a person who wishes to register and
vote on the same day would be required to show ID - and then
would be added to the checklist at the polls.  After the election
the clerk would give  the Secretary of State's Office the names of
voters who registered and voted on the same day and we would
cross-check the name on the statewide checklist.

With the statewide checklist coming on line next year - this is
great timing.  What I like about same day registration is that it
will help clerks solve election day problems.  I also think it
would be a great addition to our law because the states that have
it  have the highest voter turnouts in the nation!

I would love to hear your thoughts and concerns about this
proposal or any of the others!


Deborah L. Markowitz
Secretary of State
Vermont Secretary of State's Office
26 Terrace Street
Montpelier, Vermont 05609