I agree with the rec from Bennington, although I also feel recording fees should go up. I also feel that map prices should be lookedat. Middlebury now has a wonderful new map storage unit with slides. It is absolutely wonderful and will keep the maps in much better condition, but the slides themselves are an additional expense which is quite hefty. We also spent several years worth of our restoration fund (from the $1 per page) on map preservation prior to  putting them into the slides. I also think the legislature needs to look at the cost of copies, especially with cd's or disks. We depend on our fees and should not have to sell several volumes of information for a few dollars because it is on a disk or cd. The state also sets very low fees for copies calling it "actual cost" to produce, but this is not true. They base it on bulk prices which are available to the state and not municipalities. Copies for .04 are ridiculous when the paper a;one cost more than that.

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 2 cents from Huntington

I think the recording fees should be raised to at least $8.00 per page  and
the map recording fees should be increased to at least cover the costs of
the map slides that we use.

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The Legislature is going to be taking up the fee bill later this week. I
was going to request the following changes be made.

In one section of the statute, it says all filed/recorded documents are
$7.00 per page but 32 VSA 1671 "trust mortgage" reads $10.00, this should be
changed to $7.00 per page.
32 VSA 1671a 2 (foreclosures) should read $7.00 per page.
Discharges should be clear that it is $7.00 per mortgage discharged.
Certified copies of vital records was raised last year from $7.00 to $9.50
for the State of Vermont, it has always been that State and local fees were
the same and should be changed to reflect that.

I would appreciate hearing from any Clerks with comments.

Tim Corcoran
Town Clerk
Bennington, VT