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Subject: RE: Veterinary Clinics


Joan - here is the definition but I think the requester is more interested in large animals and specific standards, of which we have none except for the rule that such a facility be located at least 200 feet from a residential district.


VETERINARY CLINIC/ANIMAL HOSPITAL:  A building or premises for the medical or surgical treatment of domestic animals or pets including dogs and cats.


From: Joan Devine
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Subject: Veterinary Clinics


I seek a definition, specific standards and compatible uses for a "Veterinary Clinic" zoning use.  I am particularly focused on clinics that serve large animals (i.e. horses) in addition to the usual household pets. I would also appreciate feedback on difficulties (if any) that have arisen from vet clinics established in your towns.

deForest Bearse,

Zoning Administrator

West Windsor