The following message is directed to Town Clerks who process Vermont birth certificates:

Update to Town Clerks Regarding Birth Certificates
At this past fall's municipal officers' meetings, the Vital Records Office from the Health Department presented to town clerks the changes planned for Birth Certificates. Town clerks were updated on changes occurring to the appearance and printing method of the certificates. The original plan was for those changes to go live on January 1st of this year. However, that implementation has been delayed.

The Health Department is working with hospitals to finalize changes to the Birth Certificate and printing method. In addition, the passage of the Intelligence Reform Law may affect some of our final decisions regarding form and appearance of the official Birth Certificate. For these reasons, we are delaying the implementation of the new certificate until later in 2005. A new implementation date has not yet been chosen, but it is likely to be either summer or fall this year.

We apologize for any confusion. You should continue to accept and process the standard birth certificate as normal. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Linda Davis at 802-863-7275. We will send out further updates, including a new implementation date, in the spring and summer of 2005.

Rich McCoy
Public Health Statistics Chief
Vermont Department of Health