Dear Science for the People.

I will be creating a course at the master degree level for elementary school teachers, and one of the units in the course must be, I think, what it means for there to be a theory, or for some body of belief and knowledge to be called, a "theory" as opposed to "only a theory".  I thought I might compare the evidence supporting "atomic theory" with that suporting "evolutionary theory", to see if one can tell the difference with regard to how seriously they should be taken, how much either of them is more than "just a theory".

I think teachers should be able to confront such questions given the power of the religious and radical right in our society these days.

I seek efficient sources for the hard headed scientific support for evolution.  Please send them to me.  Of course, I start out with some, but I know many of you out there are better informed than I am in this area.

I would recommend, most ardently, that you send me leads personally and not force the total science for the people list to deal with emails on this.

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bob lange