Hey Everybody!

This is just a quick reminder that we have our first SEEDS meeting on  Monday
January 31st at 7 pm in the club space of Billings (which is next to the SGA
office and across from the old candy counter).  We will be discussing new
changes to the program, filling out applications, showing you around the
office, talking about some new books I've picked up to add to the SEEDS
collection, and having a little fun while getting to know each other!

Please bring a calender and your schedule with you.  If you are unable to attend
the meeting, but interested, please let me know and I will forward you an
application.  All applications need to be in to the VIA office no later than
Friday January 4th (please note: applications are not meant to be
intimidating...they're just a way for us to get to know you better and
understand how you operate as a volunteer).  You are also welcome to pick up
applications outside the VIA office.

See you at 7 pm on Monday!

Sarah Wilkins
Andrew Giunta