The following message from President Daniel Mark Fogel to all UVM
students, faculty and staff is being distributed through a
special listserv. You cannot unsubscribe from the list.

Our community is overcome with sadness this morning over the tragic death
and injuries resulting from a carbon monoxide poisoning accident at
Redstone Apartments yesterday.

We extend our condolences to the family and friends of Jeffrey Rodliff of
St. Johnsbury. Our hearts and prayers go out to UVM student Kerry
McCarthy, to Ginger Aldrich, and to their families. Kerry and Ginger
remain in critical condition at hospitals in Boston and Montreal. We are
relieved that the other UVM students and first responders who were
affected have been treated and released.

Preliminary reports from state investigators indicate that the accident
was caused by a heating system malfunction in one of the eleven buildings
at the off-campus apartment complex. I want to assure the UVM family that
the safety of our students is our highest priority. We will communicate
with the property owner today and make clear our expectation that our
students should not return to their apartments until every mechanical
system in every building has been thoroughly and professionally inspected,
and carbon monoxide detectors have been installed throughout the Redstone
Apartment buildings.

In UVM residential facilities, 90 percent of our on-campus students are
housed in buildings where heat and hot water are fed by steam distributed
from our central heating plant. Even so, as a precaution, we are
inspecting all of our systems, and we will install carbon monoxide
detectors in all residential buildings.

Yesterday afternoon the Burlington Fire Department took carbon monoxide
readings in all of the Redstone Apartment buildings. While there were no
concerns about nine of the eleven buildings, we decided to move our
students to the Sheraton Hotel strictly as a precaution until all
appropriate steps have been taken by the property owner. We asked the
Burlington Fire Department this morning to take additional readings in the
buildings so that our students can retrieve items they may need in the
next 24 hours.

Any updates will be posted on the UVM home page as they become available.

Daniel Mark Fogel