The Bad
-Three of the four adults in the house and the baby getting a nasty
stomach bug over the holiday week (I'm still waiting for my turn)
-Anything ungroomed at MRG on Sunday
-21 deg. at the summit at MRG at 3:00 pm, with moderate niar
-Glare ice on the drive home on Sunday night

The Good
-Watching the baby learn how to walk over the holiday weekend
-Watching the four-year-old learn how to ski on Sunday (skied down under
his own power, no leash, no 'nuthin but himself, from the Double to
-The sight of odd circular cloud swirls the roiling atmosphere made as it
cleared the ridgetops at about 2:00 p.m. on Sunday
-Getting home without going off the road (saw 12+ cars in various states
of ditchage just from south of Fays Corner to Williston alone- a stretch
of ~7 miles)

The Ugly
-snowplow piles in the parking lot at work at staring to look good

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