I just picked up my new Black Diamond skins I purchased a while ago on sale

The thing that is supposed to fit over the tip of the ski did not fit the
tip of my Pocket Rocket. So, I brought it to my ski shop and asked the guy
to retrofit it.

He ended up putting on a completely new clip that fits securely over the
tip. He also put a different clip on the other end that is adjustable and
will latch onto the turned up up tail (they are twin tipped...Salomon Pocket
Rockets). Unfortunately, it cost me $50 (for his time and the apparatus he
installed). I suppose Bubba coulda rigged up something, but I really wanted
someone experienced with using skins to do it, as they would understand what
to expect better than Bubba would, even though Bubba can fix nearly
anything. He also trimmed them to fit the skis. I think he did a good job,
though I had a little sticker shock when I picked them up. I figured he'd
charge $30.

So, I spent a total of $350 to make these skis bc friendly (skins, bindings,
plus installation/retrofit). Without any snow...I don't know if I'll get my
$s worth this year. May take a few years. That is more than I've spent on
skiing this year, including the purchase of my season's pass.

Now, it MUST snow!!

Heading out to Greek Peak to telemark tonite and usher in the storm.

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