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>We've heard a lot of mention about red and blue states. It's a bit of a
>myth promulgated by the "winner gets all" rules of the Electoral College.
>It was actually so close that it's best to just color everything different
>shades of purple. Take a look at the result maps at:

I've rather enjoyed looking at this map in the past, especially since I'm a
cartography guy. Todd's mention of pink on the radar, however, does make me
wonder if this is the effect of living in the part of the country with
liberal social ideas related to union/marriage.

Someone upstairs: "you want pink? Oh, I'll give you pink."

I'm not sure which is the more compelling argument, this one or the one
against the hurricane-ravaged red counties in Florida:

I think the answer is that doG hates us all, except for the powderific


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