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    Dylan> Its time to put Gracie on the hill. So, I'm in search of
    Dylan> equipment new or used and advice on equipment for a 3 year
    Dylan> old.

Hoky smokes, she's 3 already?! Last I remember she was just being
born. Time flies when you're getting old.

    Dylan> I know some parents out there (Jim B and Dave G) have kids
    Dylan> who've been skiing for a while. So, do you have anything
    Dylan> sitting around my little girl would fit into? If not, do
    Dylan> you have some advice as to what to get and where?

Unfortunately, all of our really little gear has long gone off to ski
swaps. If this were the fall, that's where I'd suggest
looking. However, since the swaps are long past, I'd think your best
bets are probably either eBay, or a local store that might be
unloading old rental gear.

My kids didn't start skiing till they were four, and to be honest I'm
having a hard time remembering that far back (the youngest ones are 10
now). Priority one: comfortable boots. Priority 2-10: see Priority
1. Considering that you can't test boots on eBay, scratch that and see
if you can find something local.

There are others on the list with kids closer to three and better
memories than mine who could probably be more helpful.

Dave G.

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