From time to time, since Utah has some vague relationship to skiing,
comments and jokes about polygamy appear on the list. For anyone curious
about the reality of the situation, I saw in today's Trib that the state
Attorney General's office has recently published a primer on the subject
for assisting human services organizations and placed it on-line. The intro
on the AG site reads:

Polygamy is illegal in Utah and forbidden by the Arizona constitution.
However, law enforcement agencies in both states have decided to focus on
crimes within polygamous communities that involve child abuse, domestic
violence and fraud. The Utah Attorney General's Office and the Arizona
Attorney General's Office also worked together to produce "The
Primer---Helping Victims of Domestic Violence and Child Abuse in Polygamous
Communities." This manual provides basic information about various
polygamous communities that will assist human services professionals, law
enforcement officers and others in helping victims from these communities.
The Primer will be updated regularly to reflect modifications in the law
and changes in each organization's beliefs and practices.

Here's the direct link to the PDF file:


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