Yeah, its too early to tell. Last year sucked in Sou VT and the Berks over
Xmas, this year I skied Bromley on Sat, and yeah, there's no natural snow,
but the mountain was in O.K shape, but I like the hard stuff. Corkscrew/
Peril was fun, bumps in sugar. Stratton looked real good from a distance,
must a spent a heap of money blowing snow. Crowds were thin. Bad financially
for the biz. However, it has been worse. 82-83 had a Xmas - New Years warm
front with heavy rain that virtually washed out the man made base all over
the state. It then continued as a terrible year. But its too early to
tell. -- Stuart Cole

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> >Hmmm. I'd say give it another month or so...
> yeah.
> we're only a couple of weeks into winter, for cryingoutloud!
> all this whinging is so maddening... and pointless comparisons are, well,
> pointless.  i know i don't have to look... but, dammit, it's like one big
> gapers block--i didn't want to look; i knew it'd make me cringe; but i did
> it anyway. it's also really, really hard to cultivate a zen state,
> when a., you're online, and b., you're listening (reading) all of this
> bellyaching about the snow, or lack thereof, in comparison to The Year or
> other years, or whatever.
> and the amount of snow at the stake has l

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