From the Rutland Herald:

"Covell said that because the accident happened prior to 10:30 a.m.
Sunday, the icy weather that blanketed the mountain that evening did not
play a role."

I will assume this is typical Rutland Herald inability to get facts

If Killington was anything like Okemo Sunday morning, then the 20+
degree drop from about 6:00AM to 8:00AM, particularly at higher
elevations, had a lot to do with this accident.

Okemo planned to open trails with an early morning grooming of the
middle of the trails only ("3 passes").  High winds delayed the upper
chairlifts from opening on time, but at around 8:15 when we were ready
to open Glades and Northstar lifts, the decision was made that there was
no way we could open the upper mountain trails without doing an edge to
edge groom.  And that is what they did, it took them till about noon to
get the whole mountain open.

I rode up Northstar at about 9:15 and the glaze on the sides (the
not-recently-groomed parts of the trail) of Chief were very evident.
There is no doubt in my mind that anyone falling on that part of the
trail would have had a hard time stopping their slide.

Also from the Herald: "Connolly said his friends later found Begley's
skis lodged, facing downhill, in the hoses for Killington's snow guns."
Yikes!  If that is true, I'm sure the K-mart Insurance company will be
bummed to hear about it.  Could very well be "open the checkbook" time.


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