Far be it for me to correct you about something like this.  I simply mentioned what it looked like on my email reception.  I have on idea on  why or what to do about it.  I know Denis isn't happy on how mine go through and they look fine to me when they come back.  I use Yahoo mail now instead of my provider account and I just use it the way it is.  I don't  change  any settings or whatever.  This stuff is too complicated sometimes.  Just do it (and hope it works)  is my motto.  Jimski

Marc Chrusch <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Jimski corrects me:
>I didn't get any of that on my computer. It must be some setting or
>something. Jimski
>Marc Chrusch <[log in to unmask]>wrote: Richard Weir wrote:
> >SSdtIGZhaXJseSBuZXcgdG8gdGhlIHNpdGUgYW5kIGp1c3Qgc2F3IHlvdXIgd2VhdGhlciByZXBv
> >cnQgZnJvbSB0aGUgQlYgc3BvcnRzIGNsdWIgY29uZG9zLiBJIGp1c3Qgd2FudGVkIHRvIHNheSB3

You're right!
After your post I checked how Richard's was stored on the server. It's
[humanly] legible there. The only difference I see is that it's encoded in
the UTF-8 character set whereas many of the other posts either have no
explicit character encoding or they specify ASCII. Could be a setting on my
end (but I don't think so); could have gone thru some translation table
that barfed on the way to my ISP's mail server. Beats me.

Attachments/embedded objects will a! lso show this way on the listserv, hence
my jumping to the obvious conclusion.
Sorry Richard!!


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