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>Preferring to avoid the crowds and ice and with my el-cheapo pass
>blacked out, I decided to explore Gilpin Mountain, as immortalized in
>J&E's NAE video.
>Coverage was quite good, though even at 3000' I don't think it's
>anywhere near the 30" of depth claimed in our daily "From the Jay &
>Smugglers Notch Stations" feed.

Paul, it's really nice to hear that you visited Gilpin.  I had hoped that
putting it in the movie would get people excited for a visit; it really is a
great place to get some convenient backcountry turns.  When I drove through
the pass on my Jay Peak trip a few weeks ago, it brought back great
memories.  I can imagine it must be a bit brushier this season with the
lower snowpack, but it sounds like you still found some good lines.  For
those that would like more info, here's the link to our report from 2/18/01:


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