Will wrote regarding Snowbasin:
>The base and summit lodge are beautiful (yes, even the bathrooms)..
>Very very fancy.

Think Deer Valley fancy...slate and marble floors, carpets, real silverware
and stoneware, excellent food.

>In fact it almost doesn't look right.  The lodges just
>don't FIT IN with the culture there (at the moment, I'm sure it'll

What culture? There's nothing else around. Snowbasin is making it's own.
And yes, the lodges will most definitely fit in with accommodations Earl
Houlding has planned.

>Also, for the number of days I skied/boarded there, I wasn't incredibly
>impressed with the terrain compared to what else is around out there.
>However, all of my skiing was done in bounds, on typical days.

There's more there than immediately meets the eye - but it takes some

>I'm not sure of the surrounding area for possible BC opportunities. (Though I
>think it would be really cool to ski off the back and earn your way back
>to Ogden...Is this possible?)

Quasi-theoretically maybe. Because it's a thrust fault, the west aspect of
the Wasatch is *extremely* rugged - mostly shattered cliffs that don't hold
snow well. There are some drainages that can be pushed, but when you also
add in the relatively low elevation, there's rarely enough snow to get you
even half way to Ogden. Despite our copious snow year so far, the mean
current snow line in the Wasatch is around 6500'.

In a related post Sharon wrote:

 >Funny! When I was there the bathrooms were the portable trailer type thing.
 >Far from what you describe. That was a few years ago before the Olympics.
  A few years and $28M of capital investment!

 >In my experience, Snowbasin doesn't [have] the 'greatest snow on earth'
like in
 >the Cottonwood Canyons. I've seen cement there as well as eastern
It's amazing what a difference a couple thousand feet of elevation can make!
Snowbasin's base is at 6500'; Alta is 8500'. The highest in-bounds point at
Snowbasin is Allen's Peak, at the top of the Mt Allen Tram and the men's
downhill start, 9465', and you can hike to the top of De Moisy Peak at
9370'. However, all the other lifts and gondolas have top terminals at
around 9000'+. In comparison, Alta's 3 highest lifts top at 10500' and the
Bird tram terminal is at 11K'.
Snowbasin also get's less snow: 197" season total vs 336" at Alta to date.
Average is 100" less than in the Cottonwoods.

It's odd that Sea World serves seafood dishes. Was your fish sandwich a
slow learner at one time?

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