On Mon, 17 Jan 2005 Haskell, Patrick wrote:

> On January 11, 2005, John Crowley, Jr. wrote:
> <lots of stuff comparing modern skiing technique to old-skool technique>
> It's funny how sometimes one little thing can make your skiing click, a
> good lesson, a perfect day, a particular trail or line, new gear or a
> timely pointer.  Somewhere in John's musings were some thoughts that
> helped pull together and simplify lots of stuff I'd either been working
> on or thinking about and, since then, the turns have come effortlessly.
> I didn't read it and say "eureka!" or expect anything to change.  I just
> thought about something new, and it just worked.  It's only been a
> handful of earned runs here and there on not too difficult terrain, but
> the change is still remarkable.  It's weird when something you've worked
> (too) hard at suddenly comes easily.  Must be time to hit a ski area
> that's ready to throw a wrench in the works.
> Patrick
> PS  Thanks for sharing.

That's great, Patrick!  You've got it.  "Simple" really is best.

Don't worry at all about new terrain and not being able to handle it
as well.  That will come with time.

Some US Ski Team materials I reviewed again recently talked about what
happens when one is trying to ingrain some new movements or technique.
 It mentioned that you have to go out and ski that way (or gain that
feeling while skiing) somewhere around 21 distinct times!  (days

That's a lot of time, of course, but really well worth it because
after that, it's a "natural" physical action.

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