I only spent a little time at Stowe today.  The groomed trails were
variable.  Some good snow, some ice.  Mostly good.  I made to ventures
off into the woods.  First, I hit a short shot on the Gondi side
between Switchback and Chinclip.  Very very nice, just a small amount
of tracks and a nice foot of soft surface snow.  The second woods foray
was Chapel Woods, which was pretty good, but more tracked out that the
first.  I'd bet the steeper woods were rough, though.  But, riding up
the Lookout Double and looking at S53, I really wanted to try it... the
uppermost chute looked untracked.  Oh well.

It was really crowded on the quad, the double had no line at all.

I also took some pictures, for photo buffs, keep reading.

I'm fairly certain these links should work for all.  If they don't,
backchannel me and I'll put them up using the skivt-l image upload.

First, an afternoon shot of Mansfield:
iso100, f/2.0, 1/4000 second - circular polarized used

Then, in the evening, I headed back to the spot in Stowe where I took
the pictures in the sun, but now it was 8:00 (and 10 degrees F)

I took a couple of pictures of the snow and a fence, aimed a little
below the moon:
iso100, f/5.6, 351 seconds
iso100, f/5.0, 520 seconds

Then, I took a couple of pictures that included the ski area:
iso100, f/5.6, 202 seconds
iso100, f/5.0, 1007 seconds (that's 16 minutes, 47 seconds)

All photos taken with the Canon Digital Rebel, Canon 35mm f/2 lens.
Taken in RAW mode, Photoshop Elements 3.0 used to convert to jpg, using
the "auto" conversions.  Sorry for the jpg compression in the last
Jason - "redraobwons"

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