Thanks, Dylan, for providing that link to the Fiddle movie again. I will never
tire of watching that.

Is that really in Vermont, a place that has not enjoyed a snowfall of greater
than 12 inches in nearly a year? A place that is out-gained in seasonal
snowfall by Cape Cod?

Scientists have shown that humans are affecting global weather. If so, is there
anything drastic that we SKIVT-L'ers can do as a group to move the weekend
storm northward to the benchmark position? How about denoting a nuclear device
to its south to nudge it northward? How about putting our hands together to
form a large circle in northern VT and move around so fast that we create a
vortex that draws the storm northward?

To say we need this storm is an understatement. Josh Fox at the MRG site says
that after this weekend it's more cold and dry, and after that we may return to
the balmy temps we have suffered through for most of this "winter".

Think Snow!!!


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