Everything you said is true, but the issue is old wine in new bottles, as I'm
sure you know. This is a battle that has been fought and refought umpty times in
the over 25 years I've been in the profession.  And it won't be the last,
either.  It's just that the internet has added a new wrinkle because "everything
is on the Internet (NOT). It's all short term, bottomline oriented, and long
range planning be damned.

That's my take and I'm stuck with it.

Lee Hover
Information Developers
Boonton Twp., NJ 07005

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Much wisdom in what you say Joy...however, we have been dragged into an
economy that slops right onto all service areas... most hospitals in my area
are dominated by administrators who are talking, acting & backing market
-driven options:if it doesn't MAKE MONEY it gets shoved aside, marginalized,
deleted, say it however you  the healthcare delivery business
patients are 'customers' and all delivery organizations are competitors
fighting for market share.  We are seeing profit-making planning, the 3 to 5
year return on investment and research are cost
centers, not profit centers, & to compete you delete your cost centers &
maximize your profit centers.  What brings quicker & surer return on
investment is what gets the floor space, the administrative & personnel
attention.  It is no surprise that research and education budgets are
whittled, libraries starved of funds & cost-cutting is primary.  Naturally
any institution has to survive...but it is shortsighted planning to slash
research & education budgets...because institutions that do this--look
around you--are going to see declining research & fewer topnotch- talent
professors and aspiring researchers going to places where they TALK about
all the support they are GOING to give research while systematically not
DOING what they short, starve research, starve educational support
& within less than 6 years you will deteriorate appreciably...there needs to
be a balance of income-generating services & stringent control of waste &
blatant overspending...mixed with 10 to 20 year research objectives,
encouragin new intelligence, new ideas, exciting new need
someone on the academic medical team who completely understands academic
demands&  can cope with market share demands at the same time...hard to find
that sort of vision..especially with the complexities of hospital politics,
medical school politics & the singlemindedness of many well-meaning
administrators.  Education is not a frill, libraries are not ruffles &
flourishes, & everything is not only NOT on the Internet, what IS there
needs to be carefully sorted through to separate the crap from the gold.
Regards, Nancy from Temple

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