Hi.   I am looking at the 2003 edition.   The Introperative Mapping and
sentinel node technology is by Reintgen, an is now Chapter 18, 24 pages.

Chapter 21 in the current edition is on Groin and popliteal dissection,
not by Rappoport but by Coit and Balch, 21 pages.   I think this is what
you want.  If you still need we can scan and e-mail -
[log in to unmask] sems to be it?   Let me know - 

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Subject: ILL: Book Chapter-Balch's Cutaneous Melanoma

Hi All,

I have a physician who would like a copy of 2 chapters from the 2003,
4th ed. Of Balch's Cutaneous Melanoma (I have the '98, 3rd ed.).  They

        -Lymphatic Mapping and Sentinel Lymphadenectomy by Reintgen
(chapter 15 in '98, 3rd ed.)
        -Inguinal Lymphadenecomty by Rapaport (chapter 18 in '98, 3rd

If anyone would be willing to copy and fax this, I would have one happy
physician on my hands!  Willing to pay up to $15 per chapter.  As
always, thanks for your help.

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