Check out this statement from the NWS near Boston....I've never seen
anything like this (8" per hour snowfall rates from a nor'easter):

Winter Weather Advisory
741 am EST sun Jan 23 2005

...Blizzard Warning remains in effect until 6 PM EST this evening...

An extreme situation is occurring in eastern Massachusetts. Four
inches of snow has been reported in 25 minutes at Chelmsford
Massachusetts as the last excessive band of powdery snow swings

The North Shore is being blitzed by snowfall rates of almost 8 inches
per hour. It may last only an hour or two but its probably a
complete short term paralyzer.

It will arrive in Boston between 830 and 930 am...continuing there
until at least 11 am. It will arrive on the South Shore during

Final blizzard totals for most of eastern Massachusetts will range
between 28 and 38 inches setting a new single storm record for
Boston...surpassing the amount from the great blizzard of 78 and the
presidents day storm of 2003.

Isolated totals of 40 inches are possible. Vulnerable locations for
nearly 40 inch storm totals are Essex...Middlesex...Plymouth...
Norfolk and Barnstable counties in Massachusetts.

Even if this storm comes up slightly short of is a
dangerous storm with the worst occurring now into early this
afternoon as winds strengthen and temperatures fall to near 10 above.

Nantucket may end up with only 12 to 22 inches...but blizzard
conditions will descend on that island by later this morning or this

Northerly winds will be gusting around 75 or 80 mph on Barnstable and
Nantucket counties. This is an extremely dangerous life threatening
storm because of severe blowing and drifting of the newly fallen snow
and tumbling temperatures.

Scattered power outages have occurred this morning as winds all along
the coast gust between 55 and 65 mph on bostons north and south
shores and even on Narragansett Bay. A 78 mph wind gust was reported
in East Falmouth by a spotter. Providence reported a 60 mph wind gust
at 722 am. Plymouth has reported 58 mph with 67 mph at
Provincetown...all since 7am.

There has been isolated damage reported to the National Weather

Power outages may become widespread this afternoon on the cape and
Nantucket when the brunt of wind hits there...again...between 75 and
80 mph. Thats hurricane force!

Drifts of at least 6 feet are occurring.

Over Cape Cod...Nantucket and Marthas Vineyard...the snow has been
of a wetter consistency early today and there has been some rain on
Nantucket. This raises the ante for power outages in extreme
southeast New England with the snow clinging to wires and branches.

All the heavy snow will taper to snow showers later this afternoon or
evening...but considerable blowing and drifting will persist into
late this evening across exposed areas.

There is a chance of blizzard conditions continuing on parts of Cape
Cod into early tonight as heavy snow squalls pound parts of the cape.

A Blizzard Warning is issued when sustained wind speeds or frequent
gusts of over 35 mph are expected with considerable falling and/or
blowing and drifting snow. Whiteout conditions occur at times. Those
venturing outdoors may become lost or persons in the
warning area are advised to stay indoors.

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