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>Ready, get set, PANIC! (Buy milk and bread buy milk and bread buy milk and
>bread buy milk and bread...) - Stuart Cole (Stonington, CT)

Ha.  Yeah, I've never heard the National Weather Service in Albany be
concerned about stranded motorists before nor have I ever seen them issue
widespread blizzard warnings (now for southern VT, Berkshires, and
Catskills).  Blizzard Warnings are up across most of New England with
Winter Storm Warnings from I-89 southwards in VT (just as I thought).

12z ETA is drier especially in relative humidity levels which means less
precip throughout the storm.  Basically this still looks like a widespread
10-20" storm from Glenns Falls-Rutland-Lebanon south all the way to
Washington D.C./Baltimore area.  Some areas could get less in mountain
shadow areas (west of Green Mtns, Berkshires, Catskills, ect) due to a
time period when winds will be screaming out of the east as the storm

Anywhere from Killington on southward will have a pretty good Sunday but
wind hold is always a possibility with these situations.  Mt. Snow region
looks to get hit with a 1-2' dump as does the Berkshires and Catskills.
Northward in Vermont, still think 3-6" is a good forecast for Burlington
and areas north of I-89 but with fluff factor I'm leaning towards the 6"
side of that.  Temps during the storm will be -5 to +5.


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