>>>>> "Jim" == James L Crowley <James> writes:

    Jim> The best way I can describe it is the peaks appeared to be
    Jim> about 1000 feet higher than they actually were and their tops
    Jim> were completely flat. Often, the sides of the flat part were
    Jim> overhanging the rest of the mountain, and the uppermost part
    Jim> was sometimes almost detached from the rest of the mountain.

I've seen this before, though never in the mountains. When I was kid
we occasionally saw this looking over Saginaw Bay in Michigan. On most
days, the bay is too wide to see past the horizon to the other side. A
few times each summer, though, the weather conditions were just right
and you could see all the trees and houses on the other side, looking
too big, and floating above the horizon. Everything there is flat,
so I can't recall if they looked any more flat-topped than normal.

Years ago I read an explanation for this phenomenon, but I disremember
what it was.

Dave G.

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