Blue Hills quick survey tour, January 25, 2005

Well I made it to the lofty heights of Great Blue Hill, 80 feet lower than
St Johnsbury. Gorgeous day. Not a cloud in the sky. 25 degrees. Light wind.
Fantastic snow.

Using everyone’s least favorite binding and skis known variously as Turkey,
Peacock, and Lookout (Lookout because that’s what you yell when you’re
coming toward someone), I was instantly at 620’ (I skipped the actual peak
at 630’ due to it being highly unscenic, filled with broadcast towers etc).
Route was HQ to Cat and Coon, over to ski area, down summit rd and back to
start.  As I came into the opening at the summit tower, a hawk flew in front
of the sun and right over my head.

The snow is very nice.  Rock free med-angle trees made me wish for a
different rig.  Still, average depth isn’t much over a foot.  Snow isn’t
ultra-fluff but is pretty light.  Rocks not visible under blanket managed to
convey that they were sharp.  Hoping for 4"+ Wednesday. Maybe I’ll ruin my
old skis and be forced to finally get some new ones (bc me if you’d like to
test for rocks later this week).

I ran into the hawk again on the south side of the summit loop.  I asked him
to fly over for a photo but got no cooperation.  Ski area patrons were all
smiles and enjoying what looked like excellent conditions.  On the trails,
one snowshoer and one walker were seen.  There were signs of two other
skiers…also on skinny gear.  Plenty of snowshoe tracks.  Skiing was fairly
slow.  Snowshoe and ski tracks made it reasonably nice.  Breaking trail is
work.  And the turkeys were into troughing not floating (high speeds on
those being a little tricky).  Highest speed was on steepest 150v of summit
road.  That was an interesting stretch of postholed, snowshoed, drifted,
skied and boarded (from ski area) unplowed road.  Most of tour was climbing
and kick and glide plus a small amount of actual hill-enabled glide.  The
more open woods look exactly like nice Vt hardwood glades.  One more foot
and we’ll be all set.

low point 200’
high point 620’
distance 4 miles
time 2 hours

Changing Topic:  Re Teo Ogre Kiwi Geography Bee challenge….
It seems pretty clear that they were: In Vermont; In the Green Mtns;
probably the east side of the spine, or possibly the north or east side of a
spur or irregular ridge off the spine; probably between LG and SN and more
likely between SB S and MM.  “Mellow” descent narrows things down quite a
bit and “hinted” may mean unfamiliar to the evil of the trio (which
eliminates a LOT of possibities).  If I had to guess…… I’m not saying…but I
have seen some boarder tracks on either side of that creek.…and “lashed”
does fit that spot…..(“brutal pace” eliminating HH).  So I’d have to narrow
further to, and I’m pushing it here, between rtes __ and _ (which is the
same as saying between AG and WR).   I thought it was a good tr and
conditions report.

Next Bee question, Doogie Line: now this IS a guess….N border of Pa?????
No, it must be more local.  I don’t know that whole history.  Sounds like a
long bit of archives searching might yield an answer. Author’s address is or
contains "slif."

Todd Holden

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