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> If if I had the
> whole town to myself.  I think I'll show up just in time for a movie
> tonight and still get a great seat.  I love it!

Reminds me of a monster storm back in the Great Winter of 2001.  All
of Brattleboro was silent as the snow poured forth from the heavens
one evening.  I decided to meet a friend, walk downtown and catch
Brother Where Art Thou? at the Latchis.  Since narry a car was to be
seen, the streets were our sidewalks.  By the time we reached the
Latchis block at the foot of Main Street, about six inches of snow had
settled on my head.  Since the owner lived in his brothers adjacent
hotel, the theater was of course open.  But only one other soul had
"braved" the blizzard to catch the film.  The world's a wonderful
place when everyone else is hiding in their caves...

El Scorpion

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