Here is an excerpt from one of my recent columns in the Valley Distorter,
with help from a friend.

Along the Fall Line

"Still Up There"
A long hike I am taking
Trekking, tracking through the snow
Everywhere like water in an ocean

All high on a mountaintop
Trees by my side
Ice at my feet.

Click, click. I bind them in.
Looking over the edge
Stomach bubbling, face warming.

In a tuck,
Legs together,
Knees up.

In the air
Flying in the air
Then weightlessly falling.

Tension releasing as I hit the ground
My body here,
Mind and spirit still up there.

By Kristina Myers, age 12, Shelburne, VT

Kristina is in my season-long weekend group of Egan's Adventure Blazers (a
kids program at Sugarbush) and recently shared some of her poetry with me,
including, “Still Up There.” Late last season, she skied Church at the Bush
for the first time and the experience motivated her to write this poem.
Church is an off-the-map run, but perhaps the most famous one in the Mad
River Valley, due to its highly visible and invitingly open face.

Not for the faint of foot or the unaware, Church requires mandatory air to
enter, but it rewards with sweeping views and a sweet pitch of clear turns
followed by steep trees. The prayer-inducing air-time may have given Church
its name, but its inspiring cathedral of snow, rock and tree are also
likely influences.

Many thanks to Kristina, I hope you all enjoy the poem as much as I do.

To see some accompanying photos, check out on the
discussion page.


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