OK, so maybe those who tele have said something about this before, wrote about it, who knows. Its hard to pick out fact from fiction often and there are some many threads that tangent I often get repetitive motion symptoms from hitting the delete key. I guess I just missed it.
Today I was at K on me tele's for only a couple hours. Happened to ride up the lift with a stranger also on tele's. We skied a couple runs and he gave me a couple tips. What I wasn't ready for was how nice and smooth it was to ski through 4-5 inches of tracked up fluff, which I call chum. I was expecting to be rattled and bounce around a bit between snow and tracks, but I just floated through it all. I can't wait to feel what its like in deep untracked.
Maybe I'll get good enough to want to ride them rather that fixed heal after a storm...... could happen.
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