Two questions which I think might be related.  Both are on systems running
Windows XP with SP2.

1)  I log on as "Larry" then log off.  I log on as Administrator and try to
move or delete the profile for "Larry" and get the message that NTUSER.DAT
is in use by another user.  If I re-boot, the problem goes away.

2)  I have a PC used by the instructors in a classroom.  Occasionally when
someone tries to log on they get a message that their profile can't be used
(the profile is there).  I don't recall the exact message as every time I
go over and try it things work okay but others are still having this
problem.  Once again, re-booting fixes it.  Then for a while all seems okay.

A solution (explanation) would be great but if not, a suggestion on where
to look.  I did go to the Microsoft Web site but not knowing the exact
message made it a bit hard to search.

Larry Kost