Garret D. Langlois wrote:
> On Wed, 9 Feb 2005, Francis Swasey wrote:
>>Even if the subject has been playing with humans, would it have been the
>>humans that caused the emotional trauma?  No, it would have been the
>>subject's response to the actions of the other participants that
>>resulted in the emotional trauma.
> I am going to respectfully disagree with that.  If Person A punches Person
> B in the face, Person A is still exonerated because it was Person B's
> response to fell that pain.
> Seems to me it is a simple matter of stimulis - response or cause -
> effect.  Person / Software A is what causes these neurons to exocytose or
> "fire" and Person B is has the response.  The point is at no instance in
> time does Person B have a true choice of responding or not.
> hardwired psycho-chemical

I'm not sure how we got from a nice simple game of toss the ball where
Persons A and C suddenly decide to ignore Person B to a brawl in which
Person B got a punch to the face.  I will contend that we are talking
about apples and oranges at this point.

Obviously, Person B will respond to Persons A and C throwing the ball
back and forth between themselves and being ignored.  But, it is Person
B's decision on HOW to respond to the stimulus of being ignored (or
dissed as my kids would say).

I will contend that if Persons A and C have decided not to play with
Person B, it is time for Person B to find something else to do.  Whining
about it and having emotional scars because the other kids (or
computers) decided to play with themselves instead of with him/her is
only egging them (A and C) on to do it again... If instead Person B goes
away finds something else (or someone else) to play with, they've won.
I'm reminded of the age old Peanuts cartoon where Lucy pulls the
football away and Charlie Brown winds up on his back, year after year
after year...  Some kids (people) just love to be the victim and make
themselves the victim over and over and over.  I say, it's time to break
the cycle.  Take responsibility for your own actions and thoughts...
they don't want to play.  Who are they hurting?  Themselves by depriving
themselves of your friendship... Let them.  Go read a book and talk to
your invisible friends about what you have learned!