This is a fishing excursion to see if anyone here at UVM has any
experience with transforming XML into PDF files?  In the few minutes of
Google research I've done it appears that the two formats are kindred
and that "all" you need is an XML Formatting Object file (XFO).

We have a web application written in Filemaker Pro that we need to
convert to the current version of Filemaker.  This means converting
Filemaker's old proprietary CDML tags into their current XML standard

A fundamental part of our app was the ability to produce downloadable
PDF versions of the reports this database generates, thereby giving the
users a WYSIWYG self service version of the report that our Dean's
Office provides to the Registrar.

I'm working with the original developer of the application to get this
done but all of this is new to us.  Therefore we were wondering if
anyone here at UVM has any experience with the XML to PDF
transformation specifically.

Thanks in advance for any help or redirection you can provide.

Andrew Hendrickson
CAS, IT Administrator
UVM, College of Arts & Sciences
479 Main Street #302
Burlington, VT

802-656-3018 (fax)

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