the College of Ed and Social Services is often involved with iMovie projects.  My office mate and I began a discussion on saving imovies into the QT format and the file sizes such a render produces.  I found this on-line:


Movie Size, in pixels

File Size for 1 minute of video


160 x 120

790 KB


240 x 180

1.3 MB

Web Streaming

Requires streaming web server, available soon


320 x 240

4.5 MB

Full Quality DV

720 x 480

260 MB

Expert Settings

See below

the question that arose in conversation concerned the contribution of audio to the above file size ratios.  so several questions come to light.
1. how does audio files contribute to the above ratios.
2. if the audio that a project uses is a wav or from garage band or an mp3, how does the different audio files contribute to the above ratios.  for example, movie a had 5 minutes of video and used an mp3 compressed at 128 kps and movie b had 5 minutes of video and used a wav file for the audio track, would, when exported, be the same size?
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