Call for Presentations
Eighth Annual Vermont APSE
Supported Employment Conference: IMAGINE WORKFORCE INCLUSION

May 11, 2005
Sheraton Hotel & Conference Center
Burlington, Vermont

Keynote speaker: Richard Pimentel

Richard Pimentel is a nationally renowned expert on Disability
Management, Job Recruitment, Job Retention, Americans with
Disabilities Act, and Attitude Change. He is not only technically
proficient, he is also an exceptional communicator whose audiences
praise his ability to combine information, humor, metaphor, analogy
and storytelling into an informative whole that does not just present
the information, but really communicates it in a memorable fashion.
For over two decades, Richard Pimentel has arguably been North
America's most predominant spokesperson for the employment of people
with disabilities as the author of the highly acclaimed WINDMILLS
attitudinal training program.

The Association for Persons in Supported Employment (APSE) is a
non-profit, national membership organization formed to improve and
expand integrated employment opportunities, services and outcomes for
persons with severe disabilities.

*Note: Please copy and distribute to employers, employees, families,
and advocates who may be interested.

We would like to extend this invitation and opportunity for you to
share your successes, ideas, innovations, and expertise with your
fellow supported employment partners.  Our theme this year is Imagine
Workforce Inclusion.

We invite supported employees, employers, providers, school
employment staff, and other interested persons to take this
opportunity to be creative and share your expertise, issues,
concerns, and solutions with others.

We are offering a variety of Session Types for you to share your
success and expertise.

Session Types:

Workshop: (1 hour) Presentation of topical information that may
include audience participation.

Panel Discussion: (1 hour) Designed to offer information from several
individuals on one topic or related issues.  A moderator must be
designated to lead the discussion.

Poster Session:  Involves displaying or disseminating information
and/or materials on tabletops.  Poster sessions may be on display all

Please submit Abstract with completed Presentation Information Form
by March 11, 2005 to:

Bryan Dague/Vermont APSE Conference Committee
University of Vermont
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208 Colchester Ave.
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Presentation Information Form

Presenter Information

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Panel Discussion
Poster Session

Theme Track: (please circle)

Community Inclusion
Transition services for high school students
Special Populations
Business Partnerships
Consumer Choice/Self-Advocacy Career Development
Cutting Edge (innovative practices)

Presentation information is concerned with persons with: (circle all
that apply)
Deaf or Hard of Hearing
Multiple Disabilities
Vision Impairment/Blindness
Psychiatric Disability
Dual Diagnoses
Cognitive Disability
Physical Disability
Traumatic Brain Injury
Transition Services

Abstract:  Please use the space below or a separate paper to briefly
describe your presentation.  (limit to 100 words)

Bryan Dague
University of Vermont
Center on Disability & Community Inclusion
Mann Hall, 3rd Floor
208 Colchester Ave.
Burlington, VT 05405-1757

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