In Windsor, students in grades 7 - 12 have the option of applying for
an e-mail account. They must have a signed AUP on file and the
parents must sign the e-mail application.

Approximately 95% of the 10th - 12th grades students have accounts.
In grades 7 - 9 about 70% have accounts. We block the major web based
e-mail services.


MaryAnn Bennett
District Technology Coordinator
Windsor School District
127 State St.
Windsor, VT  05089

>Quick Yes or No survey:
>If your  9-12 High School has an internal email system, does it permit
>students to have school email accounts?
>Steve Jarrett
>District Technology Coordinator
>Mount Mansfield Union School District
>Chittenden East Supervisory Union
>(802) 899 - 3711
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