Remote operation, but not Remote access, of SpEd DB

In Caledonia Central SU, the SpEd database runs on a server at Danville HS,
which the SU office, also in Danville, can access, along with the
Danville teachers.

Those who work in the other 3 schools of the SU run the SpEd DB on a
laptop or desktop,
and approx. monthly export data to diskettes or CD's and send to the SU
Someone there imports the data into the central DB.

The DB's interface for importing and exporting data is not perfect.
I recently spent many hours at the SU office
(moderately successfully) trying to clean up some accidental duplicates -
 which, when they occur, put data in lots of different tables within the

Top-level record duplicates can be removed (manually, one by one)
using the DB's interface. Low-level duplicates are harder to remove.

Sigurd Andersen

Margaret Cintorino wrote:

> Hello,
> I would very much appreciate some input on how some of our special
> educators
> could access their SpedDocs remotely.  Presently, SpedDoc resides on
> its own
> server in one of our schools.  (The school uses Macs and SpedDoc is on
> a Mac
> server).  The teachers are finding it very inconvenient to have to
> come into
> school to work on their paperwork during the weekends.  Any
> suggestions on
> what we can do to obtain these teachers secure, remote access to this
> server?
> Thanks.  Also, I'd be very interested in courses for the
> non-technical.  I
> was hired for curriculum integration, but I'm finding that many technical
> questions come my way.
> Margaret Cintorino
> BRSU Technology Coordinator