I sent this note to schoolnet and the school-it list at Uvm to reacha
large audience.

We came, we ate, we vented, we picked some ideas, and here they are

Looks like the conference date will be Friday May 6th.

Ideas in no particular order for consideration:

1. Gary Kessler. Stage 3. Great speaker with great content. Sets a good
2. Wireless technologies, coverage ideas, balancing loads etc.
3. VLans: Thoughts to bring cisco in.
4. Storage options. Likely with Dell doing a presentation.
5. Apple. Tech update/ new initiatives. Servers, Open directory. 1 to 1
computing etc. Lots of ideas here.
6. isafe. What's cookin' ?
7. Suse. What it is and how it can help.
8. PDA initiatives and technologies. How to support them in large
9. Backups. What works and what doesn't. Resources.
10. Polycoms: What next ?
11. IT Dept Structures. Who's doing what ?
12. Spyware. What to do to fight it on a network. Should we be putting
cleaner tools on every computer ?
13. Filemaker. State initiatives and others around. What else can be
done with it ? Remote access etc.
14. Citrix: Costs, installs, and tech updates.

We'll have to narrow it down to seven sessions.

We picked the next meetign as March 3rd at Zach's at 4pm to shore up
the conference.

Please chime in on list on the topics above and any other hot items we
may have missed.

'bout it.

Adam Provost
Bay City Rockers, SBSD

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