The reason that we block outside e-mail accounts is that our e-mail
system (GroupWise) has a directory of all of the teachers and students
so that they all have easy access to the directory in school as well as
WebAccess.  There is no question what there address is today.  Also
groups can be setup for classes and it makes collaboration on school
projects easier when you can get to their addresses easily.  I think one
of the other postings was commenting on the ever changing e-mail
addresses of students.

Jack W. Barnes, CNE
Network Administrator
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I work at Fair Haven Union High School, and we too block the web-based
email systems. I'm not responsible for any tech beyond the fact that
I'm the school webmaster and a reasonably heavy user of technology.
Until three years ago, I spent virtually all of my career in higher ed
and tech, so sometimes I have a hard time understanding the
of school boards...

Could someone explain to me _why_ we block student email accounts? I
can't think it's to block file attachments, since giving a student a
school account would defeat that purpose. It can't be to make things
easier on the tech support staff, since now they have to administer
(potentially) hundreds of new accounts. It can't be to "protect"
students from predators, since they're going to be on email as soon as
they leave the building anyway, and an educational program on the
of predation would be more effective and less intrusive. It can't be
keep them off of email in general, since they'll get a school account
and use that during the day.

What purpose does blocking personal email serve in your schools? I've
had students ask me and the only answer I can give them now is that I
don't make the policy, I'm relatively new, and so I can't explain it.
I'd like to be able to respond more intelligently than that.

On Feb 21, 2005, at 10:20 AM, MaryAnn Bennett wrote:

> We block the major web based
> e-mail services.


david herren
faculty, dept of language arts & webmaster,
fair haven union high school
fair haven, vt 05743

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