Hey Everyone-

Sorry to swamp your inbox with emails, but we needed to let you know about a
change in our next SEEDS meeting time.  I was just informed that we DO NOT have
school on February 21st and that most of the offices will be closed...this
means that we will have reschedule our NEXT meeting to WEDNESDAY FEB. 23rd at 7
pm in the club space of Billings.  Our meetings will take place on Mondays from
there on out--they will be biweekly.

So here's the scoop:
NO meeting Monday Feb. 14th -- THIS is the first week at schools!  Have fun!

NO meeting Monday Feb. 21st (No SCHOOL!)

NEXT MEETING: Wed. Feb. 23rd-- 7pm, club space

If you have any questions or concerns about this email, your group members,
contacts, materials, stuff in folders, books, lesson plans, etc.  please do not
hesitate to ask!  Also, please disregard the messy adding of people to the
listserv...I made a few mistakes when entering in names!  If you know anyone
who has not been receiving these emails, please forward their correct email
address!  Thanks!

Have a nice week!  Good luck next week!

Sarah and Andrew