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    Denis> What bindings are you using?  I thought you couldn't use alpine boots in
    Denis> an AT binding - or do I have that backwards?

Yep, you have it backwards. Alpine boots in AT bindings is fine.

    Denis> IMNSHO only serious racers chasing tenths or even hundredths of a second
    Denis> really need alpine boots.  Give up some control, gain a whole lot of
    Denis> freedom, and lose a whole lot of weight.

Ah, but control *is* freedom! Giving up some control is not something
to be trivialized. Last year I skied almost the entire season in my
Garmont GSM's, lift-served, sidecountry, and backcountry, and as I
mentioned here, I loved them. However (and this is a big however),
towards the end of the season I realized that I wasn't skiing my
best. Particularly in those fun, soft, spring bumps, I felt like more
of a gomer than usual. I diagnosed the problem as the wimpy boots I
was skiing in. Sure, they're comfortable, but when I was skiing where
I needed to *turn* *hard* *now*, they just weren't cutting it. I put
on my alpine boots, which are plenty comfortable now that the liners
are broken in; problem solved.

This year, I've been using my alpine boots for all my lift-served
skiing, and have no regrets. These boots have evolved for a reason,
and it's not to torture your feet. Horses for courses.

    Denis> Once you get used to it you'll never regret it.  It's like
    Denis> throwing away crutches.

No, it's like opening a new door. I have two pairs of ski boots now
that I like equally. I have more than one pair of skis for different
types of skiing; why would I want to limit myself to one pair of

Dave G.

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