I put that out yesterday.  Went with 4-8" total by Sunday for northern and
west facing Green Mtns due to this show shower activity.  Didn't put
enough emphasis on the phact that the 4-8" could stretch all the way down
the Green Mtn spine and even into the northern Berkshires due to the LAKE
ENHANCED snow ;)  With a trough axis and vort maxes moving through the
area, along with a cold pool aloft, arctic fronts and everything but the
kitchen sink...there is plenty of instability and lift.  But moisture is
lacking.  Ahhh the Great Lakes.  Boom.  Flurries and snow showers could
(already did?) reach the coastal plain.

Anyway, on the early next week storm...I still don't think we've got
anything huge, but everything will help.  Long duration warm air advection
snowfall...looks like we avoid any mixing of p-types.

Stay tuned...I'll probably have numbers out on Saturday.


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