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>Brings back memories... the year i did it, Doug Lewis and Tiger Baird
>both did 28 laps. Lewis won by a minute or so. The conditions were:
>rock-hard, big frozen ice bumps at single digit temperatures. I
>managed 25 laps, then hiked Mt Washington the next day with Jerm and
>Jason. Tucks was rock hard and frozen, too. I thinked my quads just
>spasmed at the memory....

Hey Matt,

That was the year I did it too. Lewie and Tiger put on the most amazing ski
show I've ever seen. Craig Barnard too. 21 was my number, with Supercomps,
Rockefella 412's and Elan MBX's. 18 completely non-stop, but I took a
couple of breaks on my last three. I trained all season for it too. Getting
lapped multiple times by the big dogs was very humbling and I have never
been so happy to see last chair.

Just as a point of reference, I don't think that Lewie's/ Tiger's record
number of runs will ever be beat. People may beat Lewie's time, but the
actual number of runs is pretty set. Follow my fuzzy math ... 7 hours of
skiing/ 28 runs = 4 runs per hour. Lift rides take ~12 minutes * 4 = 48
minutes per hour on the lift. 12 minutes to ski/ 4 runs = 3 minutes per
downhill run. The question is, where could you gain those extra few minutes
to get a 29th run?? 3 minutes for 2000' vert of ice bumps is phenomenal in
itself, not to mention that they did it all day long.

Lewie called it "the hardest and stupidest thing I've ever done on skis"
and that's coming from someone who has raced the Hannenkam. Congratulations
to all the 2005 competitors. Good job you masochistic freaks!


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