Last week we headed up to Kicking Horse Mountain Resort near Golden, British
Columbia for a couple of days.  Although Kicking Horse also got hit with the
unseasonably warm temperatures that plagued much of British Columbia and the
northwestern U.S. in January, their relatively high elevation (summit =
8,033 feet) meant that they received heavy snow on the upper half of the
mountain instead of rain.  So, despite the poor snow season in the area, the
upper mountain actually has its deepest base (300 cm, ~118 inches) since the
resort has been in operation (~5 seasons).  They are reporting a
mid-mountain base depth of 152 cm (~60 inches), and they actually have all
106 of their runs open.  Although everything on the lower mountain is
skiable (base elevation = 3,900 feet), the groomed runs are the best bet
because the ungroomed runs (bumps etc.) have a lot of hard snow.  The
groomed runs on the entire mountain were excellent packed powder, except for
a few spots of ice that formed from runoff at the very bottom (4,000 foot
elevation range).  There had been no substantial snow in the two weeks
leading up to our trip, but sun-protected terrain on the upper mountain
still had surprisingly soft snow, and even powder in places.  They don't get
a huge amount of skier traffic, which obviously helps in terms of snow

I've posted some pictures from the trip at:

Greg has also posted some pictures at his website:


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