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In an upcoming issue in "Multicultural Education" I was asked to be a guest editor on the special topic on "Families and Multicultural Education." The articles accepted for publication talk about families and their views on schools, along with how schools view families from different ethnic groups.


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"I didnít understand anything because of my hunger. I wasnít dumb. It wasnít lack of interest. My social condition didnít allow me to have an education. Experience showed me once again the relationship between social class and knowledge"
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Hi all,

I really enjoy reading all of the comments so I thought I'd
add my own.  I feel that we can and should reach out for
pieces on race and ethnicity and how specific ethnic/racial
groups view parent involvement.  Many look at parent
involvement as tied to parenting rather than participation
in schools.  The age old issue of home-school continuity or
discontinuity can take a more contemporary view as non-
traditional (and non-western) families are examined.  The
diversity within ethnic groups such as "Asian Americans" can
be deconstructed.