We purchased Mavis Beacon 14 network version for one of our middle
schools and had trouble with it working with XP so we sent it back and
purchased Type To Learn 3.  It works great and keeps track of all our
students progress.  We now use it at multiple elementary schools and
both of our middle schools.  We are running it on Windows 9x, 2000, and
XP workstations.


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Our tech guy has installed Mavis Beacon version 15 as a "networked"
program. For whatever reason, in order to use it to track a student's
progress, we have to use a convuluted import/export process. Our tech
says it's because that is the way the program is designed and it's not
networkable despite what Mavis says. I'm skeptical of this explanation
wondering if it's because of Deep Freeze (don't get me started) or that
have it installed incorrectly. Does anyone out there have a typing
(either Mavis or something comparable) that is able to be used as a
networked version as in a student can sign in from any workstation and
the program access their prior work/progress without having to go
through an
11 step process to locate student work on the server and import it?

Stephanie Taylor
Library Media Specialist
Grand Isle School

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