And I was watching a 'new products for the kitchen' show last night.
There's a new water filtration system for the home that acts somewhat like a
dehumidifier providing "water from thin air".  With all the sweat pouring
out of the kids strapped to the chairs, you could provide all the drinking
water that they would need and probably have a surplus.  Oh, but then what
would happen to all the money we make on bottled water from vending

Love the discussion!

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The debate when I was in school was over the word processor as in:
Should kids be allowed to use one ?  Many kids, obviously, were in favor
of it. Especially when we saw that you could add 1.5 spaces between
lines per page - or 1.25 for the sharp teachers. Now that's an advantage
of technology - moving from lined to unlined paper. Saved me loads of
time. Equity of access was a problem back then too.

Exciting stuff this collaboration, but how will collaboration software
actually be used in education ? There's a question. Sure going to be
tough to do in a lab once per week ! Strange to think that kids would be
collaborating with each other over longhorn while in the same room. We
could strap kids  into their VR helmets, plug in a feeding tube, and
charge parents through ecommerce to leave there kid plugged in until
they can arrive. Kind of like feeding coins into a parking meter. Aka
the Matrix we may be able to harness kids electrical energy and resell
it to the local power grid. Now there's some money in that. All those
little batteries. Buildings could be redesigned like the droid stacking
ships in episode I. Big space saver and drastically reduces the need for
traffic floor areas etc, etc.

Don't get me wrong. I'll never bash any collaboration software or
people who send in links or ideas ( thanks Mark). Collaboration tools
are great. Getting things in the hands of kids is the item for thought
here. The tools can lead to great things. Blogs, im, access to resources
and tool strenghts, and equity of access are doing something great in
education where they are used - if kids have access to them.

One of my favorite quotes: " I see your tech plan and raise you three
hundred pages."   Gary Stager

1 to 1 computing is where this is headed - or should. We'll have
longhorn in labs and kids will go home and use Windows 95 and Word Pad
or linux. I'll bet less than 25% of the kids in South Burlington have MS
Office Pro or premium, or office for that matter. How many will have
longhorn and by when ? By the time they get it at home, 5 years will
have passed and we'll be using something else. Adults that's another

What will security policies do with collaboration tools that are
already locked down ?

Cobb County, Georgia just bought in to the tune of 63,000 laptop
Still think it can't be done ?

We're listening to Sinatra right now. Fly Me to The Moon.

Rant, rant, rant. Adam

Adam Provost
Bay City Rockers, SBSD

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> if you flipped the pen just
>right, it would stick into the floor or even the ceiling.   You could
>create a nice little spray of ink if you did it just right.

And don't forget the clever "pigtail in the inkwell" ploy which you
only did to girls you had a crush on - and then wondered why they
seem to be interested in you.

>Of course, we were also crawling under our desks and covering our
heads in
>nuclear attack drills.

You're not doing that anymore!?!


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