Our schools are using two networked typing programs: TTL3 for grades 1-4
running on a Mac server and Mavis Beacon 15/16 on a Windows server for 5-8.

I have used the same process to set up each: set up a network share point
with full access for all, then "point" each client to that folder. The
software is installed locally on each station: only the data files are on
the server. Mavis Beacon requires that the share point be mapped at logon:
this could be your problem with "Deep Freeze"?

Type-to-Learn is a breeze, and the "teacher" section is available on any

We have used Mavis in the middle school for many years, with the only real
frustration being the need to upgrade several times as we upgraded from
Win95/98 to Win2K/XP. Installation of Mavis 15 on the server required some
adjustments and it will not work properly one one of our Win98 images
without disabling the sound card (try that on the Evo?). I upgraded to Mavis
16 after hearing about "network enhancements", and the new teacher section
is much more responsive (true) but the same issues exist for some machines.

Data from Mavis 15 cannot be imported into v.16! In all three programs you
can group students into classes, however in Mavis 15 this is for reporting
purposes only: when students sign in they are presented with an entire
school list (alphabetically by first name?). In Mavis 16 students choose
their class first and then their name. This is true for TTL also. Mavis 15
uses a separate program for class setup and reporting, while the admin
section is accessible from any station in v.16

I hope this helps!

Eric Hall
Technology Coordinator
Waterbury/Duxbury Schools
Waterbury, VT

> Hello,
> Our tech guy has installed Mavis Beacon version 15 as a "networked" typing
> program. For whatever reason, in order to use it to track a student's
> progress, we have to use a convuluted import/export process. Our tech guy
> says it's because that is the way the program is designed and it's not truly
> networkable despite what Mavis says. I'm skeptical of this explanation and
> wondering if it's because of Deep Freeze (don't get me started) or that we
> have it installed incorrectly. Does anyone out there have a typing program
> (either Mavis or something comparable) that is able to be used as a
> networked version as in a student can sign in from any workstation and have
> the program access their prior work/progress without having to go through an
> 11 step process to locate student work on the server and import it?
> Thanks,
> Stephanie Taylor
> Library Media Specialist
> Grand Isle School