Montpelier's practices are amazingly similar to Tom's in Barre - right
down to the "old directive from a former Superintendent."  The major
difference is that, in our case, "all those problems" didn't completely
disappear because occasionally teachers get money from somewhere, go out
on their own and buy new software we've never heard of, and then call us
to install it (or worse: install it themselves).  The problem is that,
after ranting and raving about it for a while, we usually go ahead and
install the "unauthorized" software anyway.

Pretty shoddy practice, huh?  Must be my assistants' fault - these
young people today, rules, shmules, right?  :-)


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Here in Barre, the "need" for a specific software title (other than
applications such as MS Office) is determined by the curriculum
directors but
before it is purchased, it is filtered through the SU Tech Support Team
compatiblity and other techie considerations. So there is at least a
approval process.    The curriculum directors may be reacting to
requests from
content area folks, individual requests, or to something they have seen


All software purchases go through me and I am the one who actually
places the
orders.   On arrival, the package is handed over to the SU Tech Support

Team for installation and implementation.   If end user training is
the CIA directors typcially arrange it, with support from me.

This is all procedural, none of it written, except for an old directive
a former Superintendent that all technology purchases must go through
office.   When I first arrived here, teachers were individually buying
often on the basis of what they saw in a catalog.   Much of it was for
the wrong
platform, improperly licensed, and coming out of so many different pots
money, it was impossible to get a handle on how much we were actually
on software.   All those problems have disappeared through our

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> Do any of you have protocols, checklists, operating practices
(whatever you
> call them where you are) for a centralized process for selecting
> software?  I would love to be able to "appropriate" the best of your
> work!

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