At proctor,  I use a combonation of things.  In the classroom I let the teachers install their own software, so they don't have to come running to me everytime they purchase a new version of Oragon Trail.  In the lab I use deepfreeze which will wipe any info on the machines upon restart.  This is nice because it allows for teachers to install software on a lab machine to use for a short but after a restart it is back to the original set up.  I have restricted students from installing things as best i can through group policies in Active Directory.

If there is a request for software to be installed permanently on the lab machines they have to send a teqh request form to me, and i get it done.

Other bennifitial sotware
        ScriptLogic ( - this is a substitute for logon scrips, pricy but worth it.  One nice thing about it is that you can manage installed printers form a central location.
        Photoplus 6 - Free photo editor with layers, similar to photoshop but free (
        OCS Inventory - Free network inventory program that has the abilty to track software licenses. (
        VBDoodle -
        logon.exe - Remotely log a computer lab in with a specific username, great for k-3 students who use the computers but don't need an individual username.   I just got this working today, when I fine-toon the setup of it i will post it to my website.  You can look at some of the other software i have found by going to

Bjorn Behrendt
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School Information Technology Discussion <[log in to unmask]> on Wednesday, March 02, 2005 at 10:20 AM -0500 wrote:
In anticipation of our new server purchase and installation this summer,
Grand Isle SU is looking for the following information.

What software does your school/district make available to all networked
workstations for students and or teachers?

What is the process for accomodating individual teacher requests for
software installation?


Stephanie Taylor
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Grand Isle School
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